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AMICUS Cell Separator

AMICUS Cell Separator
  • AMICUS Cell Separator
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High efficiency cell separation device with applications for cellular therapeutics and component collections



  • Cellular therapeutic applications
    • Mononuclear cell procedures
    • Therapeutic plasma exchange
  • Multiple component collection options
    • Single, double and triple platelet collections from a single donor
    • Single and double needle collection options
    • Use with and without Platelet Additive Solutions (PAS)
    • Concurrent plasma and RBC options
  • Data management enhanced
    • Operational efficiency reports
    • Paperless documentation
    • Seamless integration into BECS/BIS systems
  • Ease of use
    • Intuitive touch-screen
    • Integrated tray for simple kit installation
    • Automatic calculation of product options with flexibility for operator adjustment
  • Donor comfort
    • Choice of double or single needle procedure
    • Kits sterilized using irradiation to avoid risk of exposure to residual ethylene oxide
    • Solutions attached in manufacturing to decrease risk of error



Information is up-to-date: 05.11.2018
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