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Excise Pdw Plasma Wand

Excise Pdw Plasma Wand
  • Excise Pdw Plasma Wand
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Brand:Gr health aids

Product: EXcise™ PDW Plasma Wand

Product Family: Coblation Products

Product Type: Plasma Wands

Related Procedures: Tonsillectomy,Uvulopalatoplasty,

The EXcise PDW Plasma Wand is a fine dissecting device designed to deliver the benefits of Coblation® with the tactile feel of monopolar electrocautery. It features a single wire-loop electrode, smaller shaft profile, and shorter shaft length which allow better visualization of the surgical field.

EXcise PDW Plasma Wand Features:

Single wire-loop electrode design

  • Finer dissection for easier identification and maintenance of surgical plane
  • Less depth of thermal injury compared to monopolar electrocautery*
  • Bipolar coagulation of vessels when needed

Smaller shaft profile and shorter shaft length

  • Designed for better visualization of surgical field and more control than existing ENT Coblation wands

Integrated saline irrigation and suction capabilities

  • Easy device setup and operation
  • Designed for optimum saline delivery to active electrode

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  • Item Code: EIC9820-01
Brand:Gr health aids
Information is up-to-date: 05.11.2018
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