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SUPRANE (Desflurane, USP)

SUPRANE (Desflurane, USP)
  • SUPRANE (Desflurane, USP)
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Indications & Usage

Suprane (desflurane, USP) is indicated as an inhalation agent for induction and/or maintenance of general anesthesia for inpatient and outpatient surgery in adults.

Suprane (desflurane, USP) should be administered only by persons trained in the administration of general anesthesia, using a vaporizer specifically designed and designated for use with desflurane. Facilities for maintenance of a patent airway, artificial ventilation, oxygen enrichment, and circulatory resuscitation must be immediately available. Hypotension and respiratory depression increase as anesthesia is deepened.

Important Risk Information

Suprane (desflurane, USP) should not be used in patients with a known or suspected genetic susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia, or known sensitivity toSuprane (desflurane, USP) or to other halogenated agents.

Use of inhaled anesthetic agents has been associated with rare increases in serum potassium levels that have resulted in cardiac arrhythmias and death in pediatric patients during the postoperative period. Patients with latent as well as overt neuromuscular disease, particularly Duchenne muscular dystrophy, appear to be most vulnerable. Concomitant use of succinylcholine has been associated with most, but not all of these cases.

Suprane (desflurane, USP) is not recommended for induction of general anesthesia via mask in infants or children because of the high incidence of moderate to severe respiratory adverse reactions (laryngospasm, coughing, breathholding, increase in secretions and oxyhemoglobin desaturation).

Concentrations of desflurane exceeding 1 MAC may increase heart rate. Thus, an increased heart rate may not be a sign of inadequate anesthesia.

The average MAC for Suprane (desflurane, USP) in a 70 year old patient is two-thirds the MAC for a 20 year old patient.

All volatile anesthetics may increase intracranial pressure in patients with intracranial space occupying lesions. In these patients, Suprane (desflurane, USP) should be administered at 0.8 MAC or less, in conjunction with barbiturate induction and hyperventilation.

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